The pick up community has been through many and various technical and abstract developments over the years and the reason for this is a sociologists problem. The fact of the matter is that when pick up started it was all about the geeks, the lost boys, men who were left behind by their communities and became a force to improve both mens and the lives of the women involved. There are not female PUA instructors for no good reason. There are not highly intelligent and very successful businessmen who came from the world of pick up for simple unmeasurable reasons. That being said, proof that learning game makes creepy guys less creepy is a good starting point for getting into pick up. If you are not learning pick up as a man then you are missing out on some of the most socially high value non social pressure content around the globe. The importance of the integrity elements you learn through first-hand experience culminate into a lifestyle realisation and a freshly thought of individualism and interdependence from dogma of mainstream media which is also a ‘selling point’. This gives for great reason a sense of abundance that comes as a byproduct of making approaches in bars and nightclubs, getting rejected, because you will get rejected if you’re meeting enough women to learn a skillset that is unique to your personality and dynamic human way communicating to others. We are not carbon copies of each other, we are not zombies or robots. “Most people walk through life in a walking daze.” – RSD Owen ‘Tyler’ Cook.

It goes without say that if you are not doing something positive with your time you need to think of things worthwhile and earnest to others. Solipsism is a real problem in our society because people actually believe they are alone and surround themselves with reasons as to why they can’t do things even with limitations that hold them back and they listen to the crab bucket mentality of going back three steps when instead take two steps forward and one step back. Go through full throttle and plow through resistance to a point of endeavouring your own word and integrity as a man regardless of others. You should always strive to seek the correct input and to embrace your own output as a creative outlet to socialise, teach what you know to those less fortunate and to aim for abundance.

I’ve had a lot of sabotage from the people in my life in the past, accusations and aggressiveness uncalled for, improper fraternisation from peer groups, but none of that matters because I always had an internal locus of control and kept my integrity increasing. I learned a lot of life lessons a long time ago before people thought I had and the problems that arose from not knowing how to communicate my preferences and boundary function properly, through assertive compassion became the biggest and longest duration of sabotage I went through. If I’d have known how to authentically communicate how I felt about some of the things people said to me with a loss of respect for the human within then I wouldn’t have gone through so much (in some other cases prolly not too bad) hardships. There had to be an atonement. You will realise that there comes a point in your development in life that you find that a lot of what you go through is supposed to awaken you to a new kind of understanding of the world so you can take responsibility for your own life and your loved ones. What are your family values like? What are your romantic values like? What is your relationship to wealth? Is money something you’re using to ‘signal’ to potential romantic interests or a tool to take responsibility? These are important factors to becoming a parent, a lover, a masculine and vulnerable man. There has to be a balance and socialised wisdom within every dynamic of the process. You HAVE to take responsibility.

I always wanted to write since my teens. What I valued the most was the stories others had about life experiences and about the things that could be called wisdom or enlightenment from the perspective of a student posture. Even though I’ve never really gotten to write much while having the social diversity and obstacles encountered through young adult life I realised there are a lot more people going through problematic life area experiences than myself and that I could possibly help others through some form of guidance by using my intelligence constructively. The paradigm here is that intelligence is increased through contributing to society as a whole. If you constrict your possibility of helping others you will lack reward and lack of a contribution results in a scarcity effect which is unlikable, unwanted, unmerited and useless. You have to go the other way and improve, evolve and add positivity to the world no matter where you’re coming from. You have to teach to learn how to adapt and mature into somebody who is of high value. The work you put into your own suffering doesn’t go unnoticed, you will have to at some point contribute lessons learned to the good of society.

Pick up is exactly the process of scientifically setting hypotheses and extrapolating conclusions. You will never be comfortable until the realisation of wanting to allow others happiness into their lives to become a stable part of communicating effectively.. What does good communication come down to? Writing. Speaking. Listening. Non Verbal Communication. Paralanguage. Mature Boundary Function. Building Rapport. Breaking Rapport. Intimacy. Cooperation. Self-respect. Self Esteem. Teaching. Learning new subjects. Teaching what you learn and learning from what you teach. A great book for this mindset is Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton for the sole reason that you learn how to be honest upfront about subjects that matter most to you which allows you to meet the right people to learn from in the real world instead of from television, movies, junk resources. You have to learn to take two steps forward and one step back with the aim of personal growth, personal fulfilment, rapport and development of relationships with the people who matter most to you without creating hatred towards others but a non-division of mutual respect. Taking advantage of the vulnerable equates to a bullying dynamic which creates a chemical imbalance in your psychological neurological chemistry. This leads to mental decline, regression, degenerative disease, problems with mental faculties and inability to produce decent relationships in the future without having repented or metamorphosis the loser in self into the responsible winner in self. This is the mental dynamic of being unable to communicate effectively and taking an introverts posture while unabashedly delivering value to the world. It’s like being invisible, it is a disease of solipsism that rots the putrefaction that is known as ‘sin’. It is a misinterpretation of the world as a whole. You need to be compassionate to yourself and to others. We all suffer from moments of anxiety, depression, mental reversal and unhappiness due to not knowing that there are other parts of society that become effected by what psychologists would refer to as The Johari Window. This basically and fundamentally states that even though you think you know so much about a topic (whatever that may be) that there is something you know but are incompetent with, something you know and ARE competent with, something you don’t know that you are competent with and something you don’t know and are incompetent with. It simply makes sense that there is no reason to claim you know everything, we are all valuable creatures and have something we can teach to each other to make the world a more positively useful and rewarding place to live in, because at some point, and futurism is headed in this direction, the World could possibly be devastated beyond existence if we are not prudent and caring about it.

So what does all this have in correlation to writing pick up? Well, if you hate pick up and complain about it, what are you actually achieving? You’re probably just pissing off a whole community of men attempting to improve their lives and live more responsible and rewarding lives. You don’t get something for free without consequences “Despise the free lunch” (Robert Greene). Truisms are all well and good for the portion of time you feel sociable but when it comes to work (and writing is work) then you must develop a sense of contributing positive and helpful messages to your audience. If you are a pick up artist then you must consider first your fanbase and provide something they need from their level of rapport that allows you to add value to your readerships lives, essentially to improve their lifestyle and teach them the importance of life lessons, integrity, interdependence, self-esteem, mature boundary function, usefulness and power and real life skills. I never knew how to get in a bar or club without feeling self-conscious. I can now walk in a bar, ask to use a restroom without fear of rejection and be granted the request. I can walk into a bar, get a drink or few if I want, make decisions based on my level of safety, make decisions in the present moment to communicate effectively, teach others life lessons counterintuitively, socially, without a care in the world as to the outcome while adding value to others life. I do this because I can. I write about what I acre about because I can. An alpha male does what he likes. We are all alpha males in our level of domain. Never feel unworthy of what the world has to offer, work your ass off at making life improvements. Write about it, the world is evolving. Don’t get left behind. Work at it. Go chat. This is real attraction. Attraction is mutual.

Posted by peakhegemony

BA Photographic Media, HND Photography, GNVQ Science, City & Guilds Creative Writing. Pursued street photography for a good few years, finished my degree. Interested in creative pursuits. Going through a writing phase and thought I’d teach myself blogging. Bi-Racial. I don’t like to be pigeonholed. Influenced by music, photography, PU/Manosphere, Culture of various sources, Counter Culture, Christianity, Sense Of Humour. I am interested in a wide variety of subjects having been interested in photography. Working on myself is a part of my lifestyle. I look up to many different people for differing reasons and try to learn something useful from everyone I meet. I have mature boundary function and I’m self-aware.

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