Something I learned about when I first got into pick up was screening game. I can’t remember the source it could’ve been mASF or some other forum that was promoting the community.

What is screening game you may ask? Personally I found it to be the least intrusive approach to dating and romance. Basically most women screen guys out for value indicators, they either disqualify you, test you then disqualify you or they are attracted to your value indicators; appearance, health, wealth, social/relationship skills and so on.

When I learned about screening game I discovered Tony Clink’s Layguide which can be found online (or was the last time I checked) but I bought the paperback. It had loads of different types of game pointers from various authors. I tried Speed Seduction for practise once and got an immense emotional response which was thwarted by my brother getting angry and defending her boyfriend which to be honest is thought SpeedSeduction a scam at the time. The idea that women responded to words was beyond belief.

I read about Grandmaster game which is basically turning things very sexual early on and calibrating off the responses which in today’s political climate would be offensive to many. But I learned about screening as a guy. Does this girl have the value indicators that I’m seeking in a romantic interest? Besides looks and superficialities is there something more interesting about this girl? Would I want to spend more time with this person based on her intelligence? Her physical attributes? Her working profession? Heck if she was a prostitute would I spend money on intimate time with her? What is the nature of our current social/relationship/friendship at this point in time? I mean if these questions can’t be answered honestly then I’d have to opt out of even attempting to seduce her and get blown out, crash and burn the set, seek the rejection and bail.

Screening for me is based on my own level of attraction value indicators. I seek women out to find out what I admire the most in them and then I screen women out for those attributes/qualities and values. Many times I’ve thought I was attracted to a certain behaviour or quality to realise that the girl I was interested in was either putting up a front, seeking rapport or validation, or downright didn’t have any inclination of those qualities. And I’d even attempt to help grow with a partnership either that be a friendship or relationship of non commitment to allow a woman or women to become more adaptable in their approach to dating/romantic attraction. I’m not the best looking guy but I’ve had standards and boundaries of my own which I’ve dealt with gracefully due to a good family upbringing and because I value people’s personal boundaries. When a woman tries to string me along then I already know she is interested. Women only test guys they’re interested in. They are also screening. They meet many men several times a day who placate to their needs, putting them on pedestals and genuinely being as nice as they can be with them. And if they are screening and doing this because it makes the girl disqualify them to save time and effort. Then that is understandable. But if they are doing it because they want to be favoured as a romantic partner then they are trying way too hard for the types of girl I’m talking about.

So basically the way I approach game is I test women instead of them testing me. Of course there should be a compromise between the romantic interests because if not then the mutual component doesn’t exist. It makes sense that the parties involved in the escalation of romance have a mutual understanding otherwise they inevitably (generally one before the other) drops interest in some manner and they both part ways. In this case the Seduction was unsuccessful. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want you for wanting them?

Posted by peakhegemony

BA Photographic Media, HND Photography, GNVQ Science, City & Guilds Creative Writing. Pursued street photography for a good few years, finished my degree. Interested in creative pursuits. Going through a writing phase and thought I’d teach myself blogging. Bi-Racial. I don’t like to be pigeonholed. Influenced by music, photography, PU/Manosphere, Culture of various sources, Counter Culture, Christianity, Sense Of Humour. I am interested in a wide variety of subjects having been interested in photography. Working on myself is a part of my lifestyle. I look up to many different people for differing reasons and try to learn something useful from everyone I meet. I have mature boundary function and I’m self-aware.

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