Defining a true objective for your abilities in love and life is something worthwhile.  I read and listen to audiobooks in my free time and I’ve found that a lot of them (self-help) make the point of actually sitting down and doing the planning part of setting goals before setting out to achieve and to follow through.  I know it’s difficult for some people that they live busy lives and don’t want to waste their time on menial tasks.  It also goes that some people don’t know what to do when it comes to writing out meaningful goals and true purpose of doing the writing out (of those goals).  It goes without amiss that if you haven’t put the effort into learning how to do this then you will not achieve much.  What does writing out goals have over just going and getting them?  By writing them out you actually remember your goals, can revise them and stay focused on them.

One defining purpose for your love life should be to find someone who admires you, will care for you, support you and will respect your boundaries.  It’s impossible to want anything less from someone who doesn’t demonstrate these to you from a genuine place of sincerity.  So what is love to you?  Would you go to the ends of the Earth for someone?  Is it required that they go to the ends of the Earth for you?  Is it important that the person is obsessed beyond belief with you?  Is it important that they will do more than you ask out of sheer kindness?  Will they support you when you are broken and down?  Will they support you when you have nothing?  Will they help you get back on your feet?  Who is this person?  What does he or she look like?  How important is it to you to find love?  Or are you not ready for commitment?  Does love actually mean commitment?  Are we ready to grow together and become more dynamic and interesting people together even if it isn’t for eternity?

Sometimes by asking the right questions you gain deeper insight into your own agenda which you may or may not strike on another’s reality.  By actually figuring out what you want you set the course of your own desire.  We all learn and grow dynamically at our own pace.  Some people like and enjoy a whole host of friends, huge social circles, a huge amount of friends and followers from around the internetable globe.  Some people prefer more closed off circles and fewer followers and fans, not wanting people to be interested in their lives.  Are you more of a public person or a private person?  What does it mean to yield to circumstance when the opportunity arrives?  If love hit you in the face today would you be ready and willing to submit to its confinement?  Incarcerated by the passion and domination of intense and powerful emotions making you act irrationally.  We all know how that feels.  Individually what do you demand of yourself?  What is the next part of what you desire to be more of a person?  This is ideally what you should look for in a partner.  Someone who wants to share experience and life lessons with you to the point that you BOTH gain something from the relationship.

What is love?

Posted by peakhegemony

BA Photographic Media, HND Photography, GNVQ Science, City & Guilds Creative Writing. Pursued street photography for a good few years, finished my degree. Interested in creative pursuits. Going through a writing phase and thought I’d teach myself blogging. Bi-Racial. I don’t like to be pigeonholed. Influenced by music, photography, PU/Manosphere, Culture of various sources, Counter Culture, Christianity, Sense Of Humour. I am interested in a wide variety of subjects having been interested in photography. Working on myself is a part of my lifestyle. I look up to many different people for differing reasons and try to learn something useful from everyone I meet. I have mature boundary function and I’m self-aware.

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